28 February 2010

Kilnafrehan, Co.Waterford

Kilnafrehan, Co. Waterford
Photographed by S. Ryan, Feb 2010. Information provided by local people.

Kilnafrehan Alley -in parish of Kilgobnet,was built in 1880s on commonly owned land at a crossroads between Kilnafrehan East & Kilnafrehan West. It originally had a clay floor with a flag stone placed in ground to mark the toss. This also served as the serving line. It was rennovated in 1958. Prior to that it had been added to (including balcony) and plastered with lime-based plater in the 1930s/40s. When nearby Kilgobnet Alley was roofed in 1970s, Kilnafrehan became obsolete. Dances were held in this alley.


Anonymous said...

I love these picture's,my parent's where born not yards from there,BERESFORD,NEE FITZGEROLD,

Anonymous said...

Our Late Mum and Dad- Mary Beresford(Nee Fitzgerald (Thomas Gerald Beresford). We picture you both, as you lived nearby, in Kilnafrehan and Castlequarters - Dungarvan, near the ball ally and the stories, the ally told.

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