21 February 2010

Kilmacteige, Aclare, Co Sligo

Kilmacteige, Aclare, Co Sligo, photographed by S.Ryan with J.Gaffney, Aug 2008 (RIP), and by N.Mc Dermott, October 2010.

Following text and photograph view from road from http://www.buildingsofireland.ie/niah/search.jsp?type=record&county=SL®no=32315009
1890 - 1910
Detached stone handball alley, built c. 1900. Uncoursed rubble limestone walling, interior faces smooth-rendered. Concrete floor. Concrete changing facility and viewing platform added to east end c. 1930.
This is a well-built example of a traditional handball alley with substantial rubble stone walling. Once a dominant feature in the Irish countryside, good examples are becoming increasingly rare.


Kevin McClintock said...

My Grandfather was one of the masons who built this handball court.

Meadow58 said...

My great-grandfather also helped build this. Anthony Calvey.

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