24 September 2018

Inis Mor, Co. Galway

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Inís Mór, Co. Galway

This is the old alley on Inis Mor. Photo provided by P. Fitzpatrick September 2018
See post on another older alley here

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St. Peter's College, Wexford Town

St. Peter’s College, Wexford
In September 2018, the school Principal and Archivist helpful facilitated E. Timoney in taking photos of the 3 roofed-over alleys ( s. white roof in aeriel photograph from 2007) and in collecting information about the now demolished alley (visible in the older black-and-white photograph).

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Emmet Place, Trinity Street, Wexford Town

St. Mary’s Handball Club is at home in this alley, located on Emmet Place laneway, off Trinity Street in Wexford Town.
The local community has put a lot of work into the adjacent Flower Garden.
Photos and information from E. Timmoney, September 2018
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Loughrea Old Outdoor Alley, Co. Galway

Photo provided by A. McKenna, and following information was provided by C.Mitchell.
It was built sometime around the 1930's as a recreational facility for young priests and monks who were training at the Abbey. It is located in an enclosed garden at the back of the parochial house which is attached to the Abbey church. This was an enclosed order around the early 1900's which meant that the priests and monks were not allowed out to use the alley in town.

It seems handball was a big deal in Loughrea around that time, big enough a deal for the Abbey to actually go and build their own alley so they had somewhere to play for themselves. Other than that due to the fact that it was an enclosed order not much else is known about the alley.

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Kilfinane, Co.Limerick

Photographed by E. Timmoney June 2012 Read More......