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21 July 2020

Marley, Co. Carlow

Photographed by R.Ryan and K.Healion, July 2020
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Ardattin, Co. Carlow

Photographed by Á. Ryan, July 2020
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Rathmore, Co. Meath

Photographed by E. TImoney, July 2020
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Borris, Co. Carlow

Photogrpahed by R. Ryan and K. Healion, July 2020
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Newspaper article by Paul Fitzpatrick

Time to revive our unique outdoor ball alleys
Article by Paul Fitzpatrick, in Anglocelt paper, July 15th 2020
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26 June 2020

Government grants relevant to refurbishment of handball alleys

Government Grants for rural development with specific reference to refurbishment of Handball alleys. Read More......

Heritage Week 2020 - Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage

Rather than focusing on the organisation of in-person public events, local heritage groups and organisers, families and communities are being invited to develop projects around this year’s theme of ‘Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage’…The new approach is designed to promote the sharing of experience and knowledge.

Expressions of interest and project ideas should be submitted to, and be carried out throughout June and July.
Projects should be completed in time for National Heritage Week – 15-23 August when they will be showcased.
Accepted formats for showcasing may vary from online talks or exhibitions, to a video, podcast, slideshow presentation or blog, to media coverage, a dedicated website or moderated social media account, or by means of small, restricted social gatherings, which comply with official public health advice.

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23 June 2020

Cloonlagheen, Partry, Co. Mayo

Cloonlagheen, Partry, Co. Mayo, photographs provided by M.Lang and taken in July 2018 and again in August 2019 after a clean-up
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27 May 2020

Loughmore, Co. Tipperary

Sie of former alley photographed by R. Ryan, March 2020
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31 March 2020

Claregalway, Co. Galway

Claregalway, Co. Galway
First photograph is from the Fr. Browne Collection. Enitled Watching Handball and Retrieving lost balls_CLARE GALWAY, GALWAY, IRELAND;01/01/1925 it was kindly provided by David Davison.

Second photograph from Nuacht Clair Text of newspaper article below.
Last photograph provided by Neil Mc Dermott, remainder by E. Timoney in July 2009

Claregalway Handball Alley was demolished on Friday 3rd September last [3.9.2010] as part of the works being carried out by the Office of Public Works (OPW) to help reduce the chances of further flooding of the N17 and Claregalway as was experienced last November.

The Alley was demolished to make way for a further eye to be added to Claregalway bridge. Co-incidentally, the previous alley was knocked down in the 1950′s when the Council were building the current bridge. The alley was then rebuilt to its current location.

While this is a welcome move by the OPW to help allay further flooding of the river Clare, the Community has lost a valuable facility. The Claregalway Handball Club are in the process of making submissions to the OPW regarding some form of compensation, which might allow them to construct a new handball facility.

The Alley was one of the few 60×30 facilities in the county which was available to handballers and was used for other sports such as hurling, football and raquetball

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Ferns, Co. Wexford

These photographs from the Father Browne Collection were kindly provide by David Davison.
They are numbered 2.4.7 and 2.4.8 respectively and are both entitled 'HANDBALL AGAINST CASTLE WALL. FERNS, WEXFORD, IRELAND;01/05/1930'.
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Foxford, Co.Mayo

Foxford, Co.Mayo
First photograph from the Father Browne Collection, entitled 'HANDBALL ALLEY. FOXFORD, MAYO, IRELAND ; 20/06/1938', and kindly provided by David Davison
Second photograph provided by Neil Mc Dermott
Additional photographs provided by I.Nolan and M.Conney in Aug 2008.
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Naomh Fionnbarra GAA grounds, Cabra

A Handball Alley was situated on what is now the grounds of Naomh Fionnbarra GAA club in Cabra.

Photographed April 09 by E. Timoney

The historical photograph was kindly provided to E. Timoney by Martin Sneyd. It dates from the mid 1950s and shows part of the handball alley in the backgound of the high jump competition taking place.

The following information on handball in Cabra obtained from the local Cabra Historical Group, [by E. Timoney]

Handball has been played in Cabra since at least the arrival of the Christian Brothers in the last century, when they opened the school for deaf boys, St. Joseph’s, and erected a long single-walled ball alley in the playground there, on which three matches could be played simultaneously, thus bringing twelve boys into action at the same time.

Handball was very popular with both Brothers and boys alike in those old days, outsiders often coming in from the surrounding district for a game with enthusiasts like Brothers Dalton and Johnston and their contemporaries, several of whom were notable exponents.

Famous players also came in from different parts of the city to engage in exhibitions for the entertainment of the Brothers and the boys; in one such exhibition played in the 1920’s four of Ireland’s leading professionals took part – J.J. Kelly, Andy Durkin, Jack Bray and Jas. Clarke “of the Boot”.

Jim Clarke (Prussia Street) and his sons John, Jim, Austin and Frank, played there, the first named in the 1920’s and the others subsequently. The latter organized tournaments there in the 1920’s for youths from the Aughrim Street parish, noted at that period for its number of handballers, P.J.O’Neill, Con Healy, M.Reid, J.W. and C. Clarke being amongst those still remembered as taking part.
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Milltown, Co. Galway

Milltown, Co. Galway.
Photographed by E. Timoney in March 2020. Older photograph (bottom) by Neil Mc Dermot
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Bury Bridge, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Location and Infomration on two demolished alleys gathered by e. Timoney, March 2020

The alleys were built in the 1950s but demolished in the 1980s.
From John Doyle, Enda Timoney learned where the alley site was located and about local Tyrrell Brothers who were good players. Staff at the local History  Centre ere equally helpful but knew of no photographs of the old alleys. They spotted Francie Tyrrell cycling past and stopped him. Francie (Christy) told Enda Timoney that his brothers (RIP) were also very good and Frankie was the best. Tony Geraghty was also good. As young boys they used to play at the back of the stores in the town where they would get into trouble and the lads would be looking out for the guards coming. They were involved with St. Mary’s Young Mens Assoc.
Locals decided to build an alley and the local council provided the site. Handball was very popular especially on a Sunday. As Francie said “there was nothing else to do”. They used to play for money to make it interesting. He said the walls were separating and becoming dangerous and they were demolished.
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Ball Alley Lane, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Location of long-demolished alley photographed by E. Timoney, March 2020

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