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19 August 2020

Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon

Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon
Photographed by R. Ryan, August 2020

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13 August 2020

Kildoon, Co. Kildare

Photographed by E.Timoney in December 2018.
Thanks to J. Howard for additional information.
This alley is located close to the alley in Nurney and is dated to circa 1790. It was close to demolitiion some years ago but was rennovated by the local community. The alley is in very good condition. During the rennovation work additional height was added to the back wall, as was a safety cage around the gallery. The imprint of the gable of now demolished house is visible on the side wall to the east (right).

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Portroe, Co. Tipperary

Site of alley adjacent to Portroe primary school, Co. Tipperary. Photographed by Á. Ryan, July 2020
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Silvermines, Co. Tipperary

This overgrown and inaccessible alley in Silvermines, Co. Tipperary is close to the village green and a former mine shaft.
Photographed by Á. Ryan, July 2020
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Lyre, Co. Cork

Lyre, Co. Cork. Photographed by Á.Ryan, July 2020.
This building of this alley is recounted in the 'Old Church at Ball-Alley' in the Schools Folklore Collection.

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Report on restoration of alley in Kiltimagh on GAA Handball website

This alley was restored in summer 2020. See article on GAA Handball website for more information

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Gurtacullen, Co. Tipperary

Gurtacullen, near Goatenbridge, Co. Tipperary
Photographed by Á.Ryan, July 2020
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Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary

Photograph of newspaper clipping showing demolition of alley in Borrisokane, in 1984. A priavte house is now built on the site
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Ballinderry, Co. Tipperary

Ballinderry, Co. Tipperary. Photographed by Á.Ryan, July 2020
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21 July 2020

Marley, Co. Carlow

Photographed by R.Ryan and K.Healion, July 2020
This handball alley is mentioned in the 'Old Schools' entry to the Schools Folklore Collection
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Ardattin, Co. Carlow

Photographed by Á. Ryan, July 2020
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Rathmore, Co. Meath

Photographed by E. TImoney, July 2020
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Borris, Co. Carlow

Photogrpahed by R. Ryan and K. Healion, July 2020
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Newspaper article by Paul Fitzpatrick

Time to revive our unique outdoor ball alleys
Article by Paul Fitzpatrick, in Anglocelt paper, July 15th 2020
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26 June 2020

Government grants relevant to refurbishment of handball alleys

Government Grants for rural development with specific reference to refurbishment of Handball alleys. Read More......

Heritage Week 2020 - Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage

Rather than focusing on the organisation of in-person public events, local heritage groups and organisers, families and communities are being invited to develop projects around this year’s theme of ‘Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage’…The new approach is designed to promote the sharing of experience and knowledge.

Expressions of interest and project ideas should be submitted to, and be carried out throughout June and July.
Projects should be completed in time for National Heritage Week – 15-23 August when they will be showcased.
Accepted formats for showcasing may vary from online talks or exhibitions, to a video, podcast, slideshow presentation or blog, to media coverage, a dedicated website or moderated social media account, or by means of small, restricted social gatherings, which comply with official public health advice.

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23 June 2020

Cloonlagheen, Partry, Co. Mayo

Cloonlagheen, Partry, Co. Mayo, photographs provided by M.Lang and taken in July 2018 and again in August 2019 after a clean-up
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