13 March 2024

The Model School, The Mall, Sligo Town

Messages under posting of this historical photograph on Sligo Heritage and History Facebook-page, by A. O'Neill on 5.2.24 Use of photograph purchased from Historical Picture Archive Person 1 "I believe the last photo - with the handball alley on the ‘left’ of the school building…is actually “St. Mary’s Brothers” school (that I attended), which was built adjoining/alongside ‘The Model’ on the ‘right’ of St. Mary’s." Person 2 "In my young days that's where we played all our Handball and Football.We played on the hard surface and there were many Cuts and Bruises along the way.We even had the odd celebrity who played there I,E. Ski McGee.No doubt that's where he honed his skills and learned from the Duignans,Walpoles,Hartes,Cunningham's ,MC Dermotte's Rooney's and Feehily's known as the Mall Brigade with a sprinkling of warriors from Bridge Street." Person 3 "Great to see a photo of where we spent many a happy day playing as kids. The ball alley had a missing brick where a ball would lodge but sometimes it might dislodge a ball already there. The photo is old, as the veranda (in the picture)was demolished in the 1950s to be replaced by a standard concrete one . The contractor was Josie Scanlon God bless him as he put plenty of lead in the roof which we removed in small pieces when we needed the money for the mattnee." Person 4 "Went there to I was the fire lighter And have to go at around 11 am to get Conan a nagin" Person 1 "Br. Flannan’s “St. Mary’s Ceili Band” stories on Monday mornings were a highlight. If I recall correctly Tommy Higgins, Ray Wickham, John Brey, Padraig McManus, Andy Healy…were members of the band who had some great gigs/fun playing in the “Hanger”, Salthill, Galway"


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