10 August 2009

The Commons, Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary

The Commons, Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary
Photographs and information provided by M.Maher.

The village of The Commons in Slieveardagh is rather famous on a number of fronts as it already hosts
·the National Flag Monument erected in 1989 and formally unveiled by the Catholic Primate of All-Ireland , the Late Cardinal Tomas O Fiach . It was erected in a tribute to its origins in the village in 1848 where the Tricolour was first flown on the night before the United Irishmen rebellion at the nearby Famine Warhouse .
·a monument to the World Record holding middle distance runner John Joe Barry (better known as Ballincurry hare) who was born nearby.
·the location of the said Famine Warhouse nearby which is now a National Monument under the Office of Public Works. This was the scene of the abortive United Irishmen rebellion of 1848.
·a plaque commemorating the life of local born but nationally known traditional musician , Larry Wall Fitzpatrick

The Ball Alley itself was built in about 1960 on lands donated by a William Brennan and replaced an earlier facility futher up the village. It hosted Senior Handball All Ireland Finals at that time involving the Delaney brothers of Kilkenny, Joey Maher of Co. Louth and Tipperary’s own Thomas Doheny. It was also extensively used as an outdoor and open dancing platform up until the late 1980’s. Sadly, it has lain in disrepair now for many years.


Anonymous said...

My brother and I attended the first important game played at this venue. It was an All-Ireland Senior Hardball Singles Final between Joe Maher of Louth and Paddy Downey of Kerry. Joe won. To my knowledge, this was his first senior success. Joe went on to win a World Title playing for Canada in 1967.

james noonan said...

hello my grandad bogan healy played around this alley did any of you.s ever see him play plz comment back

Anonymous said...

Often heard my late father speak of the prowess of Boggan as the top handball player of Boggan's era in the Commons area.

Martin maher said...

attention : James Noonan
I wrote the small piece above . I'd be very interested in talking to about your grandfather Boggan as I intend to write a piece on him in this years Ballingarry Parish Journal .if you read this could you contact me on at : mtnmaher@yahoo.co.uk
Martin Maher

Berylc said...

I am interested in Boggan Healey. I am research this family for my son in law and his mother (Elizabeth Hennessy) Boggan was Elizabeths grandmothers brother. I am interested in any comments or information and would love to know of any descedants alive today.

Many thanks

Beryl Clampton.

Unknown said...

Jimmy Mullins, Boggan Healey (The Rockies), Michael and Seamus Heaphy,Tom and John Ryan,Jimmy Connell,Joe Purcell,Tom and Dan Doheny, all played just to name a few.

Berylc said...

I am doing the family history for Elizabeth Hennessy whose grandfather was
Boggans brother. Have only just seen your message. Where are you.

Berylc said...

I have only just seen your reply to my post. I am doing the family history for Elizabeth Hennessy boggan Healey was her grandfathers brother.

Anonymous said...

John Noonan cuz, what was Boggan Healy,s relationship to me? I believe he was my grandmother's brother? Thomas O'Connor

Joanne Boslem said...

My nana Joanna Healey was the daughter of Boggan Healey

Joanne Boslem said...

My nana Joanna Healey was the daughter of Boggan Healey

beryl clampton said...

Joanne. Elizabeth is the grandaughter of
Bogan Healey. Here is the information I have. My email ia beryl@clampton.com. contact me and Ancestors of john healy
Generation 1. where are you descended from
John healy, son of thomas 1. ''boggan' healy and unknown. He died on 17 Mar 1943.
Generation 2
Thomas ''boggan' healy, son of James Healey and Mary, was born in 1883. He died on 22nd
January1955. He married Unknown on katie unknown.
Notes for thomas ''boggan' healy:
1901 census says Coal Minor, Blackcommon, Street/Townland, Kilcooly, Tipperary.
unknown and thomas ''boggan' healy had the following child:
1. i. john healy. He died on 17 Mar 1943.
Generation 3
4. James Healey was born in 1854 in Tipperary, Ireland. He married Mary in 1854.
5. Mary was born in 1858 in Tipperary, Ireland.
Mary and James Healey had the following children:
i. John healey was born in 1880.
2. ii. Thomas ''boggan' healy was born in 1883. He died on 22nd January1955. He
married unknown on katie unknown.
iii. Johanna Healey was born in 1894 in Tipperary, Ireland.
iv. Richard healey was born in 1889 in Tipperary, Ireland.
v. Jamnes healey was born in 1891 in Tipperary, Ireland.
vi. Daniel healey was born in 1896.
vii. Patrick healey was born in 1898.
viii. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Healy was born in 1885. She married Michael Kennedy in Apr
1904 in Ballingaryt Callan, Donegal, Ireland (cert says 1904, Registrar says 1905).
Notes for Elizabeth (Lizzie) Healy:
Marriage not necessarily correct

Annette Condon said...

Hi my great grandmother Johanna Healy Rafter was the sister of Boggan's father, Patrick Healy. Thereforem my grandmother, Johanna's daughter, Mary Rafter Duggan was a first cousin to Boggan. By the way, Boggan Healy was married to Kate Webster.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know John Joseph Healy 1936-2014. Had brothers Michael Danny Patrick and sister Mary. I believe his father was Daniel Healy and mother Bridget Ryan. Raised by Grace family maybe in Bruckana. John went to school at Crosspatrick?

Kind regards

Daniel John Healy
Mackay Queensland Australia

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