10 August 2009

Templemore, Co. Tipperary [demolished]

Templemore, Co. Tipperary [demolished]
Photograph from church steeple provided by J.O'Shea. Photograph date to c.1968, taken from Church spire.

R.Ryan provided photographs of site of alley in Aug 2020, together with the following information curtesy of S. Hartigan and from the local history booklet 'Templemore Town Council 1860-2010'.
A 3-wall alley was built in 1954/54. Bicycles were used as support/reinforcment in the walls. A 4th glass wall at a later stage, which was later replaced by a concrete wall with an opening. A recurring problem of anti-social behaviour in the alley motivated Templemore Town Council to demolish the alley on 26th Nov, 1998.


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when was the alley knocked down?

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