19 June 2009

Shrule, Co.Mayo

Shrule, Co.Mayo
Photographed by E. Timoney, May 2009
Possibly, this set of alleys was origially 2 x 3-Wall alleys back-to–back.
In one of these, a wall has been added down the middle. In the other, another side wall has been built to narrow the court, and a third alley built at the back to create 2 enclosed 4-wall alleys. This alley is included on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage


cowper said...

In Ireland many structures associated with military establishments are erroneously identified as handball alleys. Many were in fact armories (explosives stores). An example I can mention is to be seen in the ruins of the former military barracks in Foxford, County Mayo.The open end featured a lightly built wall which would blow out in the event of an explosion reducing the force of the blast.

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