17 September 2008

Fivemilebourne, Sligo-Leitrim border

Fivemilebourne, Sligo-Leitrim border
Photographed August 2008 by S.Duffy

Information from HERITAGE WEEK postcard
Main Wall and Side Walls date from 1938
Land donated by Captain Whyte. Alley was built on estate of late Captain Whyte
Handball last played in alley in late 1980s

Walls and Floor constructed from concrete.
Height of Main Wall 24' 0"
Lenght of alley 54'0"
Width of alley 28'0"
Thickness of walls 1"


Sean McTernan said...

Many a good Sunday and evening I spent in that alley some great games of handball with the locals and lots of balls lost in the whyne bushes you might also not get a game finished when there was no ball to be found the last years the floor got very bad but added to the fun

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