28 April 2022

Donaghmore Church, Co. Tipperary

Donaghmore Church, Co. Tipperary Photographed April 2022. The following extract is from the Irish Folklore Archive, Schools' Collection from 1936/37. See:https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbes/4922252/4864355/5020414 "During the last century and up to thirty years ago hand-ball was popular with the young men of the Parish. The Alley used was at Donoughmore. The ball was played against the high south wall of the famous ruined church and the floor was a clay one. On the floor was circular cement flag on which the ball was hopped. Out from the wall on each side were two clay banks and between them the ball was played. On the wall against which they played there is a large flag and the man who was giving out the "hand" hopped the ball first on the circular flag on the floor and then hit it against the flag on the wall so as to make sure that the ball went out straight to the players standing outside. Sometimes big matches were held here and people selling apples and refreshments used come from Clonmel to make sale amongst the players and spectators. They used to make the handballs themselves. The balls were made in this way. A large cork was boiled in water and then wollen thread was wound round the cork. If it was not big enough after boiling they boiled it again. Then they left it steeping in sour milk for twenty four hours to give it a hop. Then they used to cover it with horseskin leather. Collected by Joseph Burke, Donoughmore, Lisronagh, who was told the facts by his father. Mr John Burke Donaghmore Lisronagh who heard the account from his father who lived there before him" For architectural history of church, see: http://www.megalithicireland.com/Donaghmore%20Romanesque%20Church,%20Tipperary.html


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