15 June 2019

Windgap - The Slate Quarries, Co. Kilkenny

This alley used the gable wall of RIC barracks, as shown in the historic photo (http://www.windgap.handball.gaa.ie/club-hi)," The game was first organized in the early 1900’s at the R.I.C. barracks in Baunreigh (Slatequarries) where the gable wall was used and the court was made of cinders, in later times two short side walls were added, shortly after the game was played in O’Sheas alley in Windgap." Also from http://www.windgap.handball.gaa.ie/club-hi

All that remains of this alley today in shown in the photograph, provided by M. O'Shea in Jan 2019


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