25 June 2019

Tullycanna, Co. Wexford

This alley was brought to our attention by K. Murphy (Ballymitty). Handball was played against this gable: the top right hand corner of the wall was built up to extend the play-wall surface. The window was always there, even when handball was played here. K.Whelan provided the following extract from Free Press September 16th 1950 entitled A Problem Solved "When digging holes for electric standards last week the E. S. B. workers made an excavation in the floor of a ball-alley in Tullicanna. The same night the local handballers filled in the hole. Next day the E. S. B. opened it up again but it was refilled the same night. On the third morning the E. S. B. men took the hint and sank a new hole in a field outside the wall.” Photographed by E. Timoney, June 2019


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