11 November 2018

Mount Melleray, Co. Waterford

Top photograph, S. Ryan, July 2023 Roughly 7 kms from the town of Cappoquin, in County Waterford, this pair of alleys are on the grounds of a former boarding school attached to the Abbey of Mount Melleray. The property was acquired by the Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland in 1979. Today, the alleys are part of a Scout Activity and Sport Centre, and one of them has been renovated to facilitate archery. 
Many thanks to the centre's manager for facilitating E. Timoney to visit and phototgraph the alley in Nov 2018.

Many thanks also to M. Fitzgerald at the musuem for the last image providede Image courtesy of Waterford County Museum
Image: Frank Mulligan At The Handball Courts, Mount Melleray School, Cappoquin
Date: Circa 1980
Description: Frank Mulligan (past pupil) at the handball courts, Mount Melleray School. Each courts was named after an ancient Irish place.
provided showing past pupil of the school Frank Mulligan


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