10 February 2014

Gool's Cross, Co. Tipperary

Gool's Cross, Co. Tipperary Photographs and information provided by A.Ryan, Feb 2014 This alley is built into the wall of a bridge over a small stream and adjacent low lying land. Only the back (play) wall of the alley remains, although it is suspected that a floor existis under the current overgrowth. The alley was last used circa. 1964. In 1977 efforts were made to clean it up (new floor added) in order to reopen it, with the assistance of funding offered for this purpose at this time. However, funding was refused on the basis that a new alley was planned for nearby Clonoulty. The latter was never built. It is thought that a cooper lived on the site next to the handball alley many generations ago, and that the alley was at the entrance to a small quarry. (information gathered from local people R.Butler and J. Ryan)


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