1 May 2013

Kilmannon, Cleariestown, Co. Wexford

Kilmannon, Cleariestown, Co. Wexford
Photographs and information provided by S. Berry, December 2012
"The old ball alley in Kilmannon, Clearliestown, Co Wexford was built in late 1800's and comprised of a front wall and two short sidewalls. The floor area was twice as wide at the back as the front. In the mid-30's, sidewalls were extended and back wall was added. During the 40's, the old wall began to crumble and a new committee built them. In 1947, Lar Duggan and Charlie Drumgoole won the All-Ireland junior hardball doubles title out of Kilmannon.

In the 1950's a new enthusiasm for handball hit the area and multi-All-Ireland champion the late John "Bull" Ryan played out of Kilmannon. The late Tommy O'Dowd was another local All-Ireland champion winning the junior hardball singles title in 1963. In 1985, new wire was put on the top of the walls and important maintenance was completed. In 2000, the ball-alley played an important role for the local St Annes hurling team who spent many hours in the alley honing their hurling skills in their historic double winning year. The alley is still very much in use to-day."


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