1 May 2013

Falcarragh, Co. Donegal

Falcarragh Co. Donegal Photograph provided by G.Loughran, April 2013.
The sloping walls are part of the side walls of longer open alley back. This is visible on aerial photographs from 2005 and would seem to have had 4 walls. It was possible a pair of open alleys, the other being roofed and converted into an indoot alley.
Top phorograph provided by G.Loughran in 2013. Additional photographs by R.Ryan, July 2020


Anonymous said...

I listened with great interest to the radio program today (The Mooney Show, June 16 2009) in relation to handball alleys and it brought me back. I am 44 yrs old and when I was 19 I used to pal with some friends from Wexford, between Kilmuckridge and Blackwater, and most Sundays we would go down to a local handball alley to play. As far as I can remember, It was the gable end of an old ruined church and I think it was somewhere in the Ballyvaldon area on your way down towards the beach, but I’m not sure of this as it was a long time ago. I have some great memories of the craic we had playing handball, particularly because I was a jackeen, but I might emphasis, a card carrying GAA jackeen.
Also, around this period, my GAA under 18 team travelled to Falcarragh, co Donegal to play a local team, and we couldn’t afford to stay in the hotel, so the local GAA club let us sleep in their handball alley. All I can remember of this was playing football and handball all through the night.
It was nice reminiscing today on this, thanks
R. Richardson

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