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1 May 2013

Falcarragh, Co. Donegal

Falcarragh Co. Donegal Photograph provided by G.Loughran, April 2013.
This is remains of a 4-wall alley.


Anonymous said...

I listened with great interest to the radio program today (The Mooney Show, June 16 2009) in relation to handball alleys and it brought me back. I am 44 yrs old and when I was 19 I used to pal with some friends from Wexford, between Kilmuckridge and Blackwater, and most Sundays we would go down to a local handball alley to play. As far as I can remember, It was the gable end of an old ruined church and I think it was somewhere in the Ballyvaldon area on your way down towards the beach, but I’m not sure of this as it was a long time ago. I have some great memories of the craic we had playing handball, particularly because I was a jackeen, but I might emphasis, a card carrying GAA jackeen.
Also, around this period, my GAA under 18 team travelled to Falcarragh, co Donegal to play a local team, and we couldn’t afford to stay in the hotel, so the local GAA club let us sleep in their handball alley. All I can remember of this was playing football and handball all through the night.
It was nice reminiscing today on this, thanks
R. Richardson

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