10 January 2022

Bushfield, Charlestown, Co. Mayo

Bushfield, Charlestown, Co. Mayo
Top photograph provided by R.Lynch Aug 2021, via E. Timoney. Remainder of photographs and information provided by E. O'Brien, August 2012
The handball alley is located at Bushfield, Charlestown, County Mayo. The original alley was in use circa 1870. The present alley was built on the same site – but faced in the opposite direction, in the early 1930’s. The late Thomas O’Brien purchased the land on which the ball alley is built in 1930. He donated the additional land required for the new alley. The alley was played in extensively until very recently. It is now very much in need of repair to preserve it as part of our heritage. It is a landmark in the townland of Tomboholla (Bushfield); it must be preserved and not replaced." E. O'Brien


Andrew Duggan said...

Although I grew up in Dublin, this Alley at Bushfield has a particular resonance, my mother leaves near here and one of my early visits is connected to this alley.
This the culprit cast concrete alley, which started me off on this journey of informal meeting spaces, borders and boundries ...



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