2 February 2011

St. Jarlath's College, Tuam, Co. Galway

St. Jarlath's College, Tuam, Co. Galway
Photographs provided by M.Geoghegan, December 2010
Newspaper photographs from: https://www.tuamherald.ie/2020/10/07/old-ball-alley-gets-new-life-as-contemporary-woodwork-building/. Journalist Siobhan Hholliman


Laoch Rione said...

Hi, I'm just wondering where the nearest (usable) outdoor alley would be to Galway city east. I love the old ones rather than the ones attached to clubs. They have history and character not found elsewhere. I hope you can help!! Thanks!

MG said...

Athenry is outdoor and free access. In Galway city there are Alleys in St Marys School and St Endas School. There is an Alley in Bearna on the turn off to Silver Strand. The one in Claregalway was demolished just a few years ago.

ruthruane said...

Hi, I couldn't find any contact link, like your blog. There is a handball alley in Moycullen Co Galway. I am not sure if it still standing. As you go into Moycullen from Galway City, on the right after the White Gables restuarant there is a handball ally. I remember it even used to have steps up to the top where there was wooden benches for spectators. It is hidden by trees from the roadside. You would have to park and walk in. It could be demolished by now, its been a while since I was out there. I lived in the White Gables house from when I was born until when I was 7.

Anonymous said...

Flagrant abuse of planning laws. They built over it in order to comply with its protected structure status. May as well have demolished it.

Anonymous said...

What they did to the ball alley in Tuam is a crime against social history and sport.

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