29 December 2010

Glenaugh / Aughaneaghoan, Rossmore, Co. Tipperary

(face of kiln. This wall was extended to rhs to make 30ft alley play wall)

(line of change in stonework of orginal kiln face and extended section)

(alley located behind overgrown hedge on lhs of road)

(open side of alley faced onto river)

Glenaugh / Aughaneaghoan, Rossmore, Co. Tipperary
Photographed by A.Ryan, October 2010

Overgrown alley incorporating former limekiln, built into slope of river valley. Orginal face of kiln extended to make 30ft wide alley playwall and 2 short, ow, side walls added. Local gentleman (aged 94) recalls handball games being played here in the evenings and dances at weekends (wooden platform kept at alley for this purpose).


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