20 September 2010

Pomeroy, Co. Tyrone

Images and information provided by P.O'Brien, September 2010

Pomeroy has a proud tradition of handball and has produced many fine exponents of the game down the years. Handball was played in the Market Yard adjacent to The Diamond from the 1880’s, and the present 60x30 alley began life in the late 1920’s when a plot of land on the Fairhill was acquired from the local landlord, Col Lowry, and an open alley built there. Among the main drivers of the project were Sylvie Lynagh, Jimmy Quinn, Dan McNally and Fr Brady.
Handball is now played in Pomeroy in the 40x20 court at the local football/handball complex


Anonymous said...

brings back some great memories of the sixties and seventies-great hanballers like wee bob-patsy begley(r.i.p) harry and sean mc connell(both deceased)jackie lamb(deceased)geard donnelly limehill (deceased only last oct)aidan kilpatrick(r.i.p)terry harte-geard quinn-both back street-and all ireland finalist when he was 16 kieran stewart-lower main st now resident in spain---sad to see alley has fallen into such disrepair

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