21 August 2010

Derrylin, Co. Fermanagh

Derrylin, Co. Fermanagh
Photographed E. Timoney, August 2010. Top and bottom photo
The alley is in on the grounds of GAA club and is currently used for storing goalposts


Maurice Maguire said...

There are more alleys than this in Fermanagh. For one, there are a number at St. Michael's Grammar School in Enniskillen. Note that in Derrylin there used to be an old 3 wall alley beside Blake's pub but it was demolished within the last 15 years. Irvinestown has been the most recent hot-spot for players in the county so there may well be one or two in that area.

research undertaken by Áine Ryan said...

Thanks for the information Maurice. I don't have photos of all the alleys on my list yet, and those outstanding for Fermanagh are Ederny, Roslea, Tempo and St. Michael's Grammer School. I'll add Ivirinestown to the list. Pleast let me know if you here of others. Thanks,

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