14 August 2010

Big Stone, Co. Kildare

Big Stone, Co. Kildare
Photographed by E. Timoney, August 2010


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this great idea of recording Hand-Ball Allies.

My name is Kieran, I remember as that Alley was built, it was around 1959 and it was finance mainly by raffles, donations as well as some of the local guys and able-bodied youngsters even going out to thin beet by hand for the surrounding farmers for which the proceeds also helped complete it.
As school kids, we enjoyed many a game there both at lunch time and even after school-out before setting out for our homes by foot.

All these allies could tell stories if their walls could talk.

Have a good day and all the best
Kieran D

Big-Stone School 1953-1959

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