28 February 2010

Ballynamult/ Touraneena, Co. Waterford

Tournaneena, Co. Waterford. Information and photographs provided by S. Ryan, Feb 2010.
This alley was built in 1930s. The front (play) wall was perpendicular to the road and the alley opened onto a lane down to bog land and faced onto the boundary of house next door. Land for the alley was provided by the pub across the road, which was on the right of way to their land (bog) down the lane. It fell into disrepair in the 1970s, was deemed unsafe and was knocked down. Some remaining flagstones are visible on the former alley floor which is now used as a carpark for the pub . Dances were held in this alley and were very popular with big-name show bands playing there. A small back wall was built to control admission into the alley for the dances. Information provided by local postman, T. Dunne.


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