5 February 2010

Kilgobnet, Co.Waterford

Kilgobnet, Co. Waterford
Historic photograph: Image courtesy of Waterford County Museum.
Date of Photographs: Circa. 1950
Description: Left: Remains of a shelter which was burned during the War of Independence. Foreground centre, to the right of handball alley entrance: Dancing Stage / Platform. Right foreground, grassy area where the circus set up their encampment.

Many thanks to M. Fitzgerald at museum for this and other images provided in Nov 2018.
All other photographs and information below provided by S.Ryan, January, 2010

This alley was built in the 1880s by the local community, on common land beside the Catholic Church & graveyard, at a sharp V-shaped bend on the road. Originally, it was a 3-wall alley. In 1950 the front wall was replastered and a back wall added. In the 1970s, a wall was knocked and a gallery added, and the alley was roofed. The alley is still in use today.


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