7 September 2009

Clones, Co. Monaghan

Photographed by R.Higgins, 2008
and provided by E. McManus in 2018 ( bottom 2 photos)

Both of these alleys have been demolished. A playground stands on the site now, with a plaque and tree in memory of the famous handball player Seamus Mc Cabe, who came from Clones. These news cuttings were collected for an exhibition about Seamus Mc Cabe in 2015, organised by Clones District Council/Monaghan County Council. The County Museum in Monaghan Town displays the handballs used in the All Ireland Senior Singles in 1966 and 1967, won Seamus Mc Cabe


Unknown said...

I played in the Clones alley in the mid 50's when there were 2 alleys......open at front as per your photograph and a closed one at the back with a platform.
Seamus Mc Cabe was the local hero and won an all Ireland title. Liam Hanley is a name that comes to mind also.
I learned my handball at Largy National school which had 3 alleys. No idea of situation at moment.
I also played at St Macartans College in Monaghan which had 2 alleys.
Later in Dublin I played in the Iveagh Grounds which had a good alley and also in Dublin Castle on Saturday afternoons.

Sad to see the game gone into such decline and so many units allowed to decay.

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