7 September 2009

Clones, Co. Monaghan

Clones, Co. Monaghan
Photographed by R.Higgins, 2008


Thomas said...

I played in the Clones alley in the mid 50's when there were 2 alleys......open at front as per your photograph and a closed one at the back with a platform.
Seamus Mc Cabe was the local hero and won an all Ireland title. Liam Hanley is a name that comes to mind also.
I learned my handball at Largy National school which had 3 alleys. No idea of situation at moment.
I also played at St Macartans College in Monaghan which had 2 alleys.
Later in Dublin I played in the Iveagh Grounds which had a good alley and also in Dublin Castle on Saturday afternoons.

Sad to see the game gone into such decline and so many units allowed to decay.