28 August 2023

Rockfield Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Rockfield Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin Alley in Rockfield Park, Blackrock, Co.Dublin. Photographed by S. Ryan in July 2023 (top two photographs),  E. Timmoney in July 2022 and by by T.J. Ryan in July 2009 (Bottom three photographs). The alley was refloored when pathways in park were upgraded. The mural 'River Flora' is by artist Decoy, and is inspired by running water and nature in the park.For more information see newspaper article.


Anonymous said...

Where exactly is this?

Anonymous said...


this park is actually Rockfield park in
Blackrock. its just a few metres from the tennis club. it is right beside stone Bridge next to a small river.

address of the tennis club is Carraig Lawn Tennis Club, Rockfield Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

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