3 July 2009

Newtown School, Waterford City

Photographs and information below from S.Ryan June 2009
Originally a country house in the owernship of Mr. Wyse, it was bought by the Quakers in 1798 to become a boarding school, most likely for 2nd level students. The date of construction of alley is unknown but a map of school and grounds dating from 1856 shows an alley and plans to incorporate part of it into a larger alley, subsequently undertaken (and shown on map of school dated 1916). The map shows dimensions of original alley (located in a courtyard) as 32.7 feet wide by 33 feet with the direction of play unclear. The later alley, a 1-one wall was 42feet wide and was known to have been divided into 2 alleys as early as 1937 when the school began organising junior and senior handball competitions, possible related to efforts to have the school incoportated into the state school system, as up to then it was provately fundded by the Quarkers. Two buildings flank either side of the alley and are 33 feet long.


Anonymous said...

The school is actually called Newtown school not Newport.

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