17 July 2009

De La Salle Monestary, Castletown, Co. Laois

Photographed by E. Timoney and D. Wall, July 2009
Group of 4 handball alleys comprised of two pairs back to back.


Oliver Meyler said...

Great to see the alleys at Castletown.I had the privilege of playing in same in the 60,s. Are they still in use? Love to hear from any others who were in Castle town during the 60's..especially 1959- 1961.
oliver Meyler...Dublin

Anonymous said...

I was there in 1966 - by Christmas that year I realised I wanted a girl much more than to be a celibate Brother! It's great to see the alleys again, I spent many happy hours there when I should have been in choir practice or studying with Brother Cornelius. Many years gone now and I surely can't remember the names of all the Brothers...who were the two Brothers with long necks? They were real brothers and both as mad as hatters.

Frank (Paddy) Cassidy

David Godfrey said...

I was there in the 60s too! '63 if I remember correctly in the Juniorate, then to Mallow, then back again in the noviciate.
Nice to see the handball courts. As you say Frank, better times spent there!

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