9 July 2009

Blackrock College, Dublin

Blackrock College, Dublin

Historic photographs provided in August 2009 by Archivist at Blackrock College, showing handball games in pair of alleys in 1950s, and another handball alley in background of athletics scene in early 1860s.

Top photograph by E.Timoney in March 2023 (showing new floor). Next two  photographs by T.J. Ryan July 09. Remaining photographs and description by E.Timoney July 09
This alley was built in 1938/39. Concrete, which can be seen from photo of outside of front wall. Outside Side Walls pebbled dashed. Inside walls in good condition.Fr Farragher recounted that Michael Cusack, founder of the GAA played handball here. He was a teacher in the college. Fr Farragher showed photos of older alleys which have since been demolished when a school
extension was built.


Paddy Crean said...

Used to spend hours during break time trying to place kick a rugby ball over the alley. Got quite good in thye end! Paddy Crean 'Rock 1951 - 1955

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