8 April 2009

Duncannon, Co.Wexford

Duncannon, Co.Wexford
Photographed March 2009 by S.Ryan
Old photograph of Main Street shows handball alley on r.h.s. immediately behind white 3-storey building at botom of hill. Front wall of alley against gable of terrace, side wall to street.

The following information and 1st photograph above from conversation with local resident, March 2009.
Originally a 4-wall alley built on land owned by Lord Templemore of Dunbrody House and Abbey (passed away 2 years ago). Since purchased by adjacent landowner. Photograph taken after a storm in October 1966 when alley wall(s) collapsed on top of cars parked in the alley. Edward Joyce is standing beside cars of Billy Blake and Jimmy Bates (of Kilmore Quay). The alley was closed after this incident and the remaining walls pulled down.


Anonymous said...

I recall Duncannon handball alley making newspaper news when one of its walls were blown down in a storm. This is highlighted in your 1st photo. 1966 I think it was.

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