22 April 2009

The Boot Inn, Ballymun, Dublin

The Boot Inn, Ballymun, Dublin. The alley has since been demolished.
One of the more famous alleys in Dublin and possibly Ireland.
Photographed by E. Timoney April 09


Anonymous said...

At the height of its handball fame, the Boot Inn in IAHU times, was owned by the Welden Family. It was home to the 1st leg of the match between J.J. Kelly V. Tommy Leahy to decise the All-Ireland championship. Kelly was the reigning champion and won the 1st leg but loss to Leahy overall. The 2nd leg was in the home alley of Leahy in Ballymore Eustace.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the covered alley at the Garda Depot, Phoenix Park

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