9 March 2009

Lahorna, Co. Tipperary

Lahorna, Co. Tipperary
Top two photographs from E.Timoney Conaty, February 2023. These show a 40 m x 20m court being constructed to the right hand side. See https://www.gofundme.com/f/2dgpd-lahorna-handball-club-new-build Remainder of photographs from March 2009 by T.J. Ryan and August 2008 by S. Ryan [interior]


Roisin said...

This alley has been renovated since these pictures were published, new showers and toilets installed, painted internally and externally, seating area has been carpeted and made relatively comfortable, beginners classes are being given, it has become quite a busy area thanks to the tremendous efforts of new coach who carries an all-ireland title

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