9 January 2009

Corrinshigagh/Ashburton Co. Monaghan

Corrinshigo/Ashburton Co. Monaghan. Photographed by E.Timoney, Dec 2008, and by J. Lyons, Feb 2010
Following deceription taken from: http://www.monaghan.ie/websitev2/download/pdf/heritage/2006/ArchitecturalSurveyMonaghan2006Part2.pdf, pages 39-40

Freestanding handball alley, built c.1922. Located adjacent to Ashburton former national school at Corrinshigo crossroads. Lower section of handball alley constructed of coursed rubble stone with cut stone quoins. Upper section of alley built-up using modern concrete blocks.
This handball alley, which was in use until recent years, is located at the busy crossroads at
Corrinshigo and is a landmark structure in the landscape. Once a very common sight in Ireland, handball alleys are becoming less popular with the decline in popularity of the sport. The sports popularity and the construction of many handball alleys throughout Ireland were in part because of the efforts of the GAA who promoted the sport upon its foundation. It is understood locally that the stones in the lower courses of the walls are from an RIC barracks that was burnt and destroyed, c.1922, which contributes an historical significance to the site. The handball alleys in Ireland played important social roles in communities and their survival is a reminder of the social history of early-twentieth century Ireland.


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