24 November 2008

Ullard, Co. Kilkenny

Ullard, Co. Kilkenny. Photographed November 2008


Anonymous said...

never seen medieval masonry in a handball alley before! Great site...

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern,

I am a native of Ullard.The club is now no longer running to the best of my knowledge and many of its members have now deceased.

I was wondering if in gather information and photos of handball allies throughout the country whether or not you have information or know where I might find it on the history and achievements of Ullard Handball Club.

Many thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi, Im from Ullard too,and I can give some information abouts achievements ,In 1955 Tim Ryan and the late Syl Lennon won the all Ireland jsbd both from Ullard , and Tim Ryan partenerd Joe Delaney from talbots inch club in 1965 to win the all Ireland in ssbd

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