6 August 2011

St. Macartan's College, Monaghan

St. Macartan's College Monaghan

Photographs and information provided by E. Timoney, P. Mc Mahon (Nov 2008, April 2011) and J. Conaty (historic photographs).

In the 1935 photograph are 2 back to back, 3-wall alleys of cut stone on outside and plastered on inside, that were demolished in 1980s. These are also visible in the 1976 photograph ( top centre), near to another set of 4 back-to-back 3-wall alleys. The latter were roofed in the late 1977/78 and two of the alleys were converted to 40x20. The building now includes two 60x30s, two 40x20s, and two additional squash courts.  The colour historic photograph was taken just as the roofing work had commenced, probably in 1977.

The present day photograph is taken from the site of the demolished alleys, looking towards the set of roofed alleys.


Anonymous said...

Demolished very early 80s as I was in school from 82 there, and they were already gone.

Anonymous said...

Recent photo was taken by Enda Timoney. Enda has contributed photos of many alleys to this site over several years. In times past, he was very much involved in coaching and held the great Pat Kirby of Clare and the USA in the highest regard as a handball coach. Oh yes! Pat could play handball too. In 1970, Pat won the World Handball Senior Singles title when it was played here beating Joe Maher of Louth in the final. In 40 by 20 handball Pat was unbeatable. In softball he won four All-Ireland Senior Singles titles in a row. Pat even competed in an All-Ireland Junior Hardball Singles final in 1957.

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