24 November 2008


C.B.S. Monaghan. Photographed November 2008 by E. Timmoney


Anonymous said...

Used to be a lot more buildings around it - an old primary school adjacent roughly where the basketball hoops are on the wall and I think it was a little more open along the side too.... been a long time

Enda Timoney said...

In relation to the comment about it being more open, I actually worked on a summer camp here and taught handball in an area that is described, primary school, open walls. I took the photos here and could not find this open alley, so there must have been two different alleys and the open walled one is now gone. Enda Timoney.

Unknown said...

Recall from 50s and 60s. This alley was 3/4 open on the near side. You can see from the top photo the additional wall with entrance door. The addition must date from the 70s. The tarmac ramp is also of that vintage. In my time the yard was at alley floor level with steps to the upper yard. The upper floor of the inside building was at that time a science lab'. The Second level school occupied buildings of varying vintage around this location, no grand plan.
The Primary school was not on this site but at the top of the hill out of photo shot.

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