19 August 2008

Saint Patrick's College [set of 6, since demolished], Maynooth, County Kildare

Saint Patrick's College, Parson Street, Maynooth, County Kildare 

There were 4 sets of handball alleys on the campus of St. Patrick’s College, with a total of 16 alleys.
The 1838 ordnance survey shows:
– 6 alleys in a back-to-back row 3 alleys long, to the west of the Hospital in the northern area of the campus
– 4 alleys in a back-to-back row 2 alleys long, to the west of the Junior College in the southern area of the campus.
The 1912 ordnance survey shows both of these sets of alleys and an additional two sets of alleys
- a pair of 2 alleys back to back on the green area directly in front (south) of the Junior College
- a set of 4 alleys back to back on an extension to the college grounds to the north
The pair in front of the Junior College is not shown on the 1940 ordnance survey.
This photograph from circa 1912 shows the 6 alleys to the west of the hospital. These alleys are no longer there. Photograph curtesy of the Fr. Richard Casey Collection in the Maynooth College Archives, with thanks to Fr. John-Paul Sheridan


Anonymous said...

As of June 2010, this alley is in quite good condition (considerably better than shown in the photograph above). It is now walled in on all sides, apart from a narrow entrance, and flanked by NUIM Music Department's practice rooms. It does not appear to be frequently used, but is not completely defunct.
The other alley, situated on the other side of the wall, is full of waste office furniture and industrial containers, rendering it unusable, but it is structurally intact.
~An Beirneach

Anthony Shiels said...

This Ball Alley is often used by members of the HURLING CLUB for practise during Term Time.

There is a wire fence along the top of the back wall to collect balls. This Alley was originally part of 2 Back to Back Pairs of Alleys. One of these became unusable in the late 1970's when the Chemistry Department built a Pre-Fabricated Physical Chemistry Laboratory on this Site. This Pre-Fab Structure was recently replaced by a new MUSIC PRACTICE ROOM.

The Ball Alley on the EAST SIDE of this one has been CONVERTED INTO AN INDOOR BALL ALLEY and it is still in use.

Enda Timoney said...

There is a mix up here. There are two sets of alleys in Maynooth. A set of 4 alleys which are in poor condition out near the GAA pitch, pictured above. The other set is of back to back alleys, one in good condition, other has containers in it. Enda Timoney.

Eoin O'Mahony said...

I have some photos of these alleys here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsiUzXv6v

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