12 August 2008

Moygara, Co. Sligo

Moygara, Co. Sligo
August 2008


Anonymous said...

Built in 1894 by local labours using local stone.
1900 handball alley is plastered.
1947 Wing walls built and front wall is reconstructed.
Fundraising for this reconstruction was provided by Ceilis on Sunday nights with local musicans playing for free.

Anonymous said...

I read your with interest the profile of Moygara ballalley. I always believed that It was erected earlier in the nineteenth century. The builders were indeed local, but were I understand assisted by a travelling mastercraftsman. He may have been involved in similar projects in other parts of Ireland. Ballalleys were in vogue at that time, resulting in the many such, that prevailed throughout the country.
The mention of the renovations of 1947 is of immense interest. There was a local committee formed under the chairmanship of the late Jack O'Donnell, assisted by Pakie Keane and other local people. The music that was supplied, included Martin Igoe from Townaghabrack. Martin was also a builder of repute, and it was he and his employees, that in fact carried out the renovations. Amongst the handballers of note who played on the alley was Paddy Reid from Cloonloo. Paddy was a Garda, and an Ireland handball champion.
Incidentally the Alley was further enhanced in the 1960's when the ground at the back was extended and leveled. Alas it has now got in to disrepair, and it's total demise is most likely.
Finally I was present at the ceilis in 1947, and I think it is fair to suggest that there are few of us left.

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in leaving a comment in connection with Moygara handball alley. ( this is my third effort ha ha ) I understood that the alley was built in the 1880's, by local labour assisted by a travelling craftsman. He may have taken part in similar projects, as they were in vogue at this time throughout Ireland.
The ceilis of 1947, indeed yes. A committee was formed under the chairmanship of the late Jack O'Donnell. Pakie Keane and other local people assisted. The music was supplied by Martin Igoe, and other traditional musicians. Interestingly perhaps, the renovations were also carried out by Martin Igoe, who was acraftsman of note.
There were further renovations done in the 1960's, when the back area of the alley, was raised and leveled. Now alas it has fallen in to disrepair, and is unlikely ever again to be restored to it's former self.
Incidentally, I was present at the ceilis of 1947, and it is reasonable to suggest that I am now one of those few that is left

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