9 August 2008

Mount Talbot, Co. Roscommon

Mount Talbot, Co. Roscommon
Last photograph provided by Neil Mc Dermott. Other photograpahs and text provided by Mt. Talbot Handball Club in August 2009
Mount Talbot Handball Club:

After much deliberation a new Handball Club has been formed at Mount Talbot. A public meeting was held at the alley on the 2nd August 2009 and it was decided by the large crowd present that a club should be formed. A committee was elected and were given the task of establishing a club.

For the past 80 years the handball alley has been a focal point in the area. Built in 1929 by local voluntary labour under the supervision of two locals namely Tim Cormican and Martin Turley it has with the exception of a new floor in the late 1990s remained unaltered ever since. It is a great testament to the ability of all who were involved in its construction that it has remained in such good condition.

At the time of the alleys construction the popularity of Handball in the area cannot be underestimated. Indeed throughout the county of Roscommon it was widely played. This is evident in the fact that the county has the biggest population of alleys similar to the alley at Mount Talbot. Experienced players of the area recall fondly the crowds that regularly gathered in the evenings and weekends to play and view the games at Mount Talbot. However its popularity in the area declined in recent decades and until an event in the late 1990s saw a resurgence in the sport locally.

That event was the European One Wall Championships that was hosted in Ireland. This event brought some of the best Handball players in the world to Ireland and to Mount Talbot and gave people locally the chance to see the greats of the game compete for European honours. This was the catalyst for the increase in the numbers playing the game in the locality.

Over the years the number of players at Mount Talbot has steadily grew and this cumulated with a number recently competing in the All Ireland One Wall Handball Championships which took place in Castlebar. This was made possible by the help received from all at St Coman’s Club. In order to promote the game in the area further it was decided that now was the best time to form the new club and become the 10th club in the county.

The formation of the new club has received widespread support and following the initial meeting a registration day was held Sunday the 16th of August. It is the intent of the new club that coaching will be provided to all members and a league will be played between all members at each grade, Ladies, Men’s and Juveniles in the coming weeks.

So for anyone interested in playing handball and joining the new club, you can contact Liam / J.P on 087 7687785 or 086 3339444 (immediately in order to be included in the upcoming league.) Adult Membership of the club is €25 with all juveniles free (under 18 on the 01/01/2009). All are Welcome.

So whether you have played Handball before of never played the game now is the time to get involved in a new club and play a truly great international game in a relaxed healthy environment.


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