19 August 2008

Moone, Co. Kildare

Moone, Co. Kildare
Photograph and follwoing text taken from National Inventory of Architectural Heritage http://www.buildingsofireland.ie/niah/search.jsp?type=record&county=KD®no=11903608
1930 - 1940
Freestanding mass-concrete handball alley, c.1935, on a corner site. Mass-concrete walls (tall to north; sloping to east and to west; short to south). Unpainted. Square-headed door opening. Metal door. Road fronted. Grass verge to boundary.

This is a fine example of a mass-concrete handball alley that is still in use. Once a common sight across the country, having been initiated as part of the cultural nation-building of the early Irish Republic, many of these structures have subsequently been demolished, which means that the example at Moone is an important, rare survival. Of considerable social importance the handball alley is also of vernacular interest, being a building type that is indigenous to the country. The construction of the building using mass-concrete is also of some technical/engineering merit. The handball alley is attractively located on a corner site and is a prominent landmark in the locality.


Anonymous said...

Moone handball and Pat Hipwell are synonymous. Going back as far as the fifties Pat has been promoting the Moone handball cause and doing what he could to help it. Many have followed his lead. He was involved both at club and county levels as was his club mate, John O'Donnell. Pat's wife Maura died in September 2010. In times past, Pat was caretaker at the local school. Pat hoped that when Moone was by-passed (as it is now)the alley there would be roofed. Matt Purcell, Ballymore Eustace.

h.symes said...

Hi I'm trying to locate pats sister babs Allen.

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