13 August 2008

Keash, Co. Sligo

Keash, Co. Sligo, situated 4 miles from Ballymote Town in Co. Sligo. The alley is attached to the north facing wall of the local parish hall, which is known as "The White Hall", beside the local Church. As you can see from the plaque the hall was built in 1913. Again the alley is in a great location nestled at the foot of the "Hill of Keash" which is well known for its marvellous limestone caves which are clearly visible on the west side of the Hill.

Information from HERITAGE WEEK postcard
This alley is also the north-facing wall of local parish hall.
It was extensively used by locals from 1950s to 1970s.

Main Wall and Side Walls built 1913
Source of Land: Donated by the Kelly family
New floor and landscaping in 1990s.

Walls and Floor built of concrete

Height of Main Wall: 25'0"
Length of Alley: 56' 6"
Width of Main Wall: 25' 2"
Thickness of Walls: 1' 8"


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