17 August 2008

Green Street, Dublin

Green Street, Dublin City
First photographs provided by P. Fitspatrick, October 2018,
remainder of photographsprovided by F. Semple and P. Fitzpatrick 2008

Green Street alley shown in RTE archive footage aired in 1962 Information from HERITAGE WEEK postcard

Main Wall and Side Walls date from 1920. Back Wall dates from 2007
Land provided by Dublin City Council
Restoration work undertaken in 2007

Walls constructed from stone and plaster. Concrete floors. Glass back wall.

Memorable Heros and Occassionas:Larry Roe Senior Singles 1939,47,49, 57
Larry & Garry Roe 1946,1948
Paddy Monroe & Mick Fahey Senior Doubles 1953

Alley is open to public


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