12 August 2008

Cullenstown Strand,Co.Wexford

Cullenstown Strand,Co.Wexford
First 2 photographs provided by P. Fitzspatricj, October 2018
Remainder of photograps provided by S.Ryan, August 2008

Information from HERITAGE WEEK postcards

Main wall of alley built in 1912, with side and back walls added in 1940. Alley restored in 2005. Site of alley donated by Boyee Estate

Walls constructed from block and cased cement. Floor from cement.

Height of main wall: 21'9"
Lenght of side walls: 62'
Length of main wall: 34'2"
Width of back of alley: 37'

Alley was also venue for Mumming and BBQs. Now used for racket ball, and football and hurling practice. 30 years ago up to 40 people played every evening in the alley.