20 August 2008

Ballindangan, Co.Cork

Castleterry, Ballindangan, Co. Cork
Photograph and folowing information from http://www.buildingsofireland.ie/niah/search.jsp?type=record&county=NC®no=20901919
1920 - 1940
Freestanding reinforced concrete handball alley, erected c. 1930, with rendered five-tiered stand to west side approached by two rendered steps. Angled cast-iron H-bars support underside of stand, supporting on concrete piers. Square-headed door opening to west end of south side. Rendered floor to ball court.

This handball alley is an important reminder of the strong position the sport once held in Ireland, illustrating the high regard and esteem traditional sports were given in the early days of the Republic. The building contains early examples of concrete and is made distinct from other handball alleys by the incorporation of spectator seats.

Photographed by Á. Ryan in Nov '08


Anonymous said...

I just came across it on google street view, so I then googled it and found it here.

I remember coming across this website a few years back and thinking how sad it was to see so many, I would call national monuments go to ruin.

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